Jason Derulo – Wiggle (ft. The Wiggles)

April 18, 2015

To compliment this week’s lecture, I created a short video mashup to demonstrate how virtually anyone
has the ability to take existing content and edit it to create an entirely new message.

This is my YouTube video post.

  • This is such a fun video. It is a great example of a mashup and it also made me laugh heaps.

    One suggestion for improvement would be to go in to more detail explaining what a mashup is. Perhaps you could explain it as a sort of “multimedia collage”. Mashups are an interesting aspect of Remix culture (http://remixtheory.net/?cat=6) and their use certainly enables prosumers to alter the meaning of content. you might be interested to read more on mashup and remix culture by checking out the link below.


    Overall i thought your post was informative and very fun,



  • A very funny and clever video post and also a smart means of indicating the accessibility of remix and remediation tools in todays society. Explanation of why you used the sources you did and also some references would improve this post, however i definitely enjoyed it the way it currently stands.

  • This has to be one of the most bizarrly beautiful blog post creations I’ve seen, such a clever idea, really simple and effectively gets across the idea of remix culture. If you were to redo this blog post I could suggest giving an overview of the topic discussed in the lecture, possibly using this easy to read little article http://www.abc.net.au/catapult/indepth/s1645533.htm
    really enjoyed this post, keep blogging, look forward to seeing more original ideas like this one.

  • Man… This is the best thing ever. Nice editing. I only wished you added more context in terms of mashups, or the topic at hand, either in the video itself, or in the text underneath. (Also, the vid was waaay too short for my liking 😉 )

  • Dude, how this hasn’t gone viral baffles me. This is hilarious. I genuinely laughed aloud. I think if there was a little more explanation about the topic as well as the nature of a mash up and how that fits into remix culture. I think the editing is really good and you definitely did demonstrate what you intended to demonstrate so in short it’s a really quality post.

  • This was such a clever and creative idea, I wish it were longer! It really does completely change the message both clips present, delving further into this would be a very interesting read, so perhaps further expanding on your opinions on how these two transform each other and form a whole new message. And further referencing to the lecture material would be really good, not only to create context for those readers who do not do BCM112, but also to expand on the content learnt. Overall, amazing!

  • What a nice demonstration and creative idea! This video is such an amazingly-remixed media content uploaded on YouTube! You successfully proved “now everyone can remix” in the right way in which the video was properly edited according to a lecture topic, and the video was uploaded on YouTube for gaining publicity. And I think you successfully achieved the goal what you intended. But, I was just wondering why you chose Jason Derulo’s Wiggle. Anyway, it is great editing!

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