Comparative Advertising – Do’s and Dont’s

May 8, 2017

Comparative advertising is a common technique for brands looking to differentiate themselves directly from their competitors; you’ve likely noticed this type of advertising in media before. Comparative advertising can occur both directly and indirectly – direct involving an explicit mention of the competitor brand’s name, while indirect refers to the competitor as something like ‘Brand X’¬†(Dianoux, Herrmann and Zeitoun, 2013). Brands need to be careful when using comparative advertising campaigns, as there can be serious repercussions¬†for making potentially misleading statements.

Like for like, no misleading statements, regulation, ACCC

(Samsung, 2015)

The above ad from Samsung is an example of comparative advertising done right. The ad focuses primarily on the features and functions of Samsung’s device, and briefly features a direct comparison with Apple’s iPhone (the current model at the time).

Example of poor comparative ad with repercussions

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