Korea’s Culture Shock: The Recent Influence of Korea’s Culture Over Western Society

September 5, 2015

There’s no denying Korea’s on Western culture over the past few years. By now very few Westerners will have encountered some element of South Korean culture, whether it be via fashion, film, technology or the unique genre of music known as K-Pop. Korea has become increasingly prominent in these industries,…

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Australia and Our Reputation for Racism

September 2, 2015

Considering all of Australia’s population can be traced back to other countries if you go back far enough, it seems strange that we’ve come to be one considered one of the most racist countries in the world. Because of how hugely multicultural Australia’s population is, it would make sense for…

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The Rise of China and its (mostly positive) impact on Local Business

August 14, 2015

Over the past few years I’ve seen plenty of healthy debate among small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs about the impact of ‘China’; more specifically, the ability to import a huge range of China-made products at low cost in order to sell them locally. Sites such as Alibaba and DHGate are examples…

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